January 17, 2020

What's our stack

I've written about our decision to build our own CMS and how we created our ideal content structure. But, what does that actually mean and what are the building blocks? A headless CMS Static site(s)...


January 10, 2020

How we built our ideal CMS

When we set out to build our own CMS, we were lucky enough to have a blank slate to start from. I've spent a lot of time working with Drupal (early days), Craft, some enterprise systems, and some...


January 1, 2020

Why statically generated sites

Everybody is talking about statically generated sites. The advantages of static sites are: Better perfomance Cheaper, easier scaling Higher security Better developer experience For these reasons,...


December 23, 2019

Why we built our own CMS

Earlier this year, the company I work for kicked off a new project. We've been providing marketing websites to our clients for a number of years and the platform needed to be updated. We had some...