Frameworks + Reps (and AI)
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Frameworks + Reps (and AI)

In the past, when I've paired with other engineers, there are always moments to ask "wait - what's that?" Even if you've worked with some code or framework for a long time, there's just no way to remember everything.

BUT - the more reps you put in (building projects, new features, spiking ideas) the framework just becomes second nature. You know how to dig in to the source, what to search for in the docs, and how to phrase questions.

The same is true with "idea" frameworks. In working with JTBD, Reforge Growth + Retention, and various canvases - it just takes reps. Over and over and over. Doing the same work. Wrestling with new (but similar) questions and challenges. Applying the framework to a new situation.

New AI tools might get you to an answer quicker - but the people who have put in the reps will separate. As soon as the first follow-up question comes, you'll know who really understands and who took the shortcut.